The Fool, The Weaver and The Heart of The Labyrinth

In a far off land, a courageous fool embarks on a perilous journey to meet with an ancient weaver of tales and recover that which has been lost.

This story was created as a response to a personal journey of grief following the death of a loved one. Rooted in the dark soil of sorrow it’s an expression of the way in which stories can transform the landscape of grief, shining a light into the dark corners of the soul.

Story created and told by Su Squire

Original music by Holly D Johnston

We recommend that the performance is followed by an invitation for the audience to join us for an informal discussion.

Audience feedback…..

Bright and beautiful 


Magical, amazing, uplifting, very special! 

Priceless. Beautiful. Thank-you. 

A beautifully intricate story 

Fantastic story. You really captured the room and transformed the difficult subject into a welcoming, magical event! 

Very powerful and moving. Wonderfully told! 

Spellbinding story. Transfixed by the journey. 

A gentle lesson of hope about the circle of life, death and rebirth. Inspirational and comforting.