Charlotte Arculus

Charlotte Arculus is an artist-animateur and maker of visual theatre and immersive environments. As director of Theatre of Adventure (1997-2009), Charlotte produced interactive, improvised, immersive and situated pieces where the audience become part of the performance. She’s the artistic director of Magic Adventure, a company that creates immersive, multi-arts installations and co- creative director of Magic Acorns, a collective of artists focussing on raising the profile of world-class art for the youngest audiences.

Charlotte is particularly interested in developing complicité between spaces, objects and people of all ages. This can be in theatre, installation and creative processes. She brings practice and theory of improvisation to the heart of what it means to be present.

Charlotte is currently a doctoral student at Manchester Metropolitan University having won a scholarship to investigate the knowledge that resides in and emerges from performance and the temporal arts. She has presented research, immersive installations and workshops nationally and internationally, most recently work on aesthetics at the RECE world conference in Copenhagen 2018 and on improvisation at the MERYC conference in Gent 2019.